5 Tips to Start a Flower Subscription

start a flower subscription

This month begins my first-ever spring flower subscription and I'm feeling equal parts excited and anxious. 

A flower subscription is like a CSA for bouquets; members receive a wrapped bundle of flowers on set days throughout the season. The subscription is purchased ahead of time which gives me, as the grower, the capital to purchase seeds, plugs, and other equipment needed to grow the flowers.

Although I’ve been running a successful summer subscription since 2019, offering a spring share felt a little trickier. Would the flowers bloom on time, would there be enough? (FYI, they did and there are!)

If you’re thinking about offering a flower subscription or CSA, I have a few tips to get you started...

Tips for Starting a Flower Subscription

Start small!

Offer 5 or 10 spaces for your program this year and add on next year once you’re feeling more comfortable. (I cap at 50 bouquets per week during the summer, for spring I capped at 10.)

Choose reliable flowers.

Cut-and-come-again flowers won’t leave you worrying about having enough flowers. Zinnias, cosmos, celosia snapdragons and sunflowers are winners! (Find my top list of cut flowers for beginners here!)

Create a schedule that works for you.

If weekly bouquets are overwhelming, offer bi-weekly or even once a month.

Don’t start too early.

Research the plants that you’re growing and estimate the time from planting to bloom. Start your flower subscription a week or two later to give yourself (and the flowers) a little cushion.

Think about pickup and delivery.

If you’re working full-time, delivery might not be an option. Partner with local boutiques or coffee shops as a pickup location.

Let's Recap

Flower subscriptions are an EXCELLENT way to market and sell the flowers that you grow and my subscription program has been a HUGE part of the business. If you haven't already, I recommend considering adding a flower subscription or CSA to your cut flower farm!

Flower Subscription Resources

If you're ready to add a subscription program, check out these resources to take the next step: 

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