August Bouquet Recipes

The dahlias are coming in hot and they’re taking center stage in my bouquets this month. Our Signature Bouquets are $25 and we follow the recipes below to create a mix that our customers love. (I also use these for our subscription bouquets!) Be sure to follow a recipe based on industry standard pricing to be sure that you’re profitable. It’s easy to stuff a bouquet with flowers this time of year, but that’s a surefire way to lose money and leave your customers frustrated when your field is not quite as abundant.

In parenthesis you’ll see sample flowers that I would use together to create a great color palette. Feel free to substitute any variety or color that you prefer!

august bouquet recipes

Bouquet 1: Summer Stunner

3 Dahlias (Castle Drive)

3 large Zinnias (Uproar Rose)

2 Rudbeckia (Indian Summer)

2 Cosmos (Cupcakes Mix)

3 Ageratum (Blue Horizon)

2 Basil

1 Mountain Mint


Bouquet 2: Berry Queen

3 Dahlias (Castle Drive, Snoho Doris)

3 larger Zinnias (Uproar Rose, BG Wine)

4 smaller Zinnias (Queen Lime Red)

3 Celosia (Sunday Pink, Ruby Parfait)

1 Amaranth (Velvet Curtains)

2 Scented Geranium

1 Basil (Cinnamon)


Bouquet 3: Citrus Sherbet

3 Dahlias (Peaches n Cream)

2 larger Zinnias (BG Coral)

3 smaller Zinnias (Oklahoma Salmon)

3 Celosia (Celway Terracotta)

2 Rudbeckia Triloba

1 Mountain Mint

2 Basil (Mrs. Burns Lemon)

late summer bouquet recipe

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