the farm

Established in 2018, Hidden Springs Flowers bloom on a century-old family farm in the beautiful heart of central Pennsylvania, and we’re the third generation to plant our roots here. 

Created by Jim and Katy (that's me), Hidden Springs specializes in fresh-cut flowers, gifts and decor for the home.

Our unique, seasonal cut flowers are reminiscent of your grandmother's backyard cutting garden, from ranunculus in the spring to dahlias in the fall. We believe that flowers aren't just for special occasions; everyday is a day for flowers!

With no formal training in farming (or floristry), we’ve built the flower farm literally from the ground up. What started as a backyard veggie patch and a love of gardening has blossomed into two acres of bright, seasonal cut flowers. And while we take credit for the flowers, we can’t take credit for the name. The farm was named “Hidden Springs” long before we got here!

the flowers

Why local flowers? 

Approximately 80% of cut flowers sold in the USA are imported from other countries. These flowers are shipped thousands of miles, often reaching your table weeks after they’ve been cut, preserved by chemicals and lasting mere days in your vase. 

By sourcing your flowers locally, not only are you supporting local business, but you’re also receiving a superior flower- one that goes straight from our field to your home. On our farm we grow the best flowers we possibly can in south-central Pennsylvania. That means that you won’t see the typical ‘grocery store’ flowers, but instead unique varieties that thrive in our climate.

Outside of our growing season we source the freshest flowers possible, putting an emphasis on American-grown, seasonal blooms. 

the family

Katy and Jim King started Hidden Springs Flower Farm in the fall of 2018, following our desire to create a family-owned small business.

The farm is our family's home (and has been since Jim's great-grandparents moved here in the early 1900's). While flowers have become a bit of a family affair, our life doesn't revolve around flowers.

My days are spent balancing our farm and business with my favorite job- mommy! Annie (5) and Willie (2) make regular appearances in the shop and throughout our social media accounts. They keep us busy and make life fun, and the ability to balance my career with motherhood is the driving force behind our business. 

Jim works full-time in a career off the farm but logs a lot of hours as flower farmer and chief weed puller. When we're not on the farm we love to travel, stay active with our church, and soak up as much time with our family as we can.