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Hey Flower Lover!

Are you ready to grow? You're in the right place. Here's where you'll find resources and inspiration created just for you. Whether you're an aspiring flower farmer or just getting started on a cut flower garden in your backyard, I'm sharing everything from grow guides to business plans.

Think of me as your flower farming big sister, guiding you towards a successful cut flower business (or a beautiful hobby)!

in the weeds

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Flower Focus: Lisianthus

Flower Focus: Lisianthus

If you’re not familiar with lisianthus, you should be! Lissies are an excellent alternative to roses; ruffly, long-lasting and a fantastic selectio...

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In the Weeds is a group coaching experience designed to guide participants through the early phase of a cut flower business.

This program is 100% guided by you! Throughout the coaching experience you can expect content, resources, action plans, and discussions guided by YOUR input and created exclusively for you.

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behind the flowers

Hi, I'm katy!

In 2018 I started Hidden Springs Flower Farm as a side hustle  to create a life that allowed me to be at home with my children while contributing to our family income and continuing to fulfill my creative side. 

I knew NOTHING about flowers. 
I knew NOTHING about business.
I knew NOTHING about sales. 

But here I am six years later with a six-figure flower business. 

It wasn't easy. I spent hundreds of hours researching, thousands of dollars in trial and error and I just wished I could talk to someone who had done what I wanted to do. 

If I could just pick the brain of a seasoned flower farmer who would take me "in the weeds" of the flower business...

Now that I've been through the weeds myself, I want to make it easier for you!


Getting started on your cut flower journey? Whether you're an aspiring flower farmer or planning your first cut flower garden, this guide will walk you through my list of the top cut flowers for beginners.