Social Media Templates & Prompts for Flower Farmers

Social media is a full-time job in itself and after a long day in the field, creating content is the last thing I want to do. But I know it’s important for connecting with my customers so I do it anyway. If you’re struggling too, here are a few post templates and prompts that I invite you to use for your business.

instagram slider template for flower farmers

Template: Bouquet Care Tip Slider

Use this Canva template to educate your customers on proper bouquet care. Sharing knowledge and tips like this will create a sense of trust with your audience and help them to make the most of your beautiful bouquets! This template is created for Instagram feed but you can repurpose on Facebook or use it in an email. Access the template here. (Be sure to change the handle to your account!)


  1. Share how you display your current favorite flower in your home or office. We’re all a little nosy and LOVE to see ‘behind the scenes’, especially in a house that isn’t ours. Give tips for a vase that suits the flowers and share what excites you about these blooms. Make this post a reel or TikTok by recording the process like I did here!

  2. Share something personal. Let your audience get to know the grower behind their favorite flowers. Set some boundaraies for yourself (no TMI here!) but share fun facts that your customers can relate to. I recently shared about my struggle to balance motherhood and entrepreneurship here.

  3. Share the love. Don’t be afraid to tag another farm, flower shop or small business that you support! In fact, this is a great way to grow your audience. When you tag another account they’re likely to share or tag you back, making your account visable to their audience. You can also share customer photos of your flowers; urge customers to post a photo and tag your account, or ask if you can use their photo on your feed. (Always, ALWAYS ask for permission. Please don’t steal photos!)

flower farm social media templates

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