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I’m Katy; wife, mom, flower farmer, small business owner and entrepreneur.

Shortly after having our first child in 2017, I had the urge to create a more flexible life for my family. After spending most of my twenties bouncing from one job to another I finally landed in a position that I loved, but after having our daughter I found that the 9-5 career wasn’t going to work for me. I wanted to be there for the milestones (the first step, the first word) and the ordinary days (library storytime, playground playdates).In the summer of 2018 I was flipping through a magazine while on vacation and stumbled across a spread featuring the most beautiful flower farm. I devoured the article and quickly went down the rabbit hole of research. Something in my gut told me that this was path I was looking for.

By fall of that year and I had turned our backyard vegetable garden into my first rows of cut flowers; fast forward to the following summer and we had taken over a 2-acre piece of the farm to grow flowers. Over the next few years we built a business quite literally in our backyard, adding a retail flower and gift shop and ecommerce site along the way. (Along with a second child!) Hidden Springs Flowers is now a six-figure business that contributes not only to my family, but supports five part-time employees.

These days I spend my time juggling small business ownership with mom life. The days are never long enough, but my cup runneth over in the best way possible. As our business continues to succeed, I’ve found myself pulled to share our success with others. Throughout my blog, resources and guides, I hope you’ll be inspired to grow a beautiful life for yourself and your family.

Happy growing!


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