Gardening in January

Although the first week of the new year has given us a false sense of spring, we still have quite awhile to go before we can truly get back into the dirt here in Central PA. That said, if you’re itching to get your hands in the soil there are a few projects you can work on this month!


Bring the garden inside by potting up some bulbs to force throughout the winter months. Paperwhites are a fast-growing option, giving you blooms in just 3-4 weeks. Amaryllis take a few weeks longer but they’re a showstopper that will produce 3-4 huge blooms per stem. Both require little garden know-how. Just pop the bulbs in soil (paper whites can be forced in just water!), give them a little light and the warmth of your house will get the process moving. Read more about forcing paperwhites and amaryllis over on our blog and pick up your bulbs from the shop this month!


During the winter months when the ground isn’t frozen you can still tuck in your tulip and daffodil bulbs, peony roots and, if you have a covered space, anemone corms and bulbs. You’ll want to make sure that tulips and daffodils are in the ground ASAP to make sure they have adequate chill time. Peony roots can be planted anytime the ground isn’t frozen. They may not bloom this year but they’ll get a head start for next season. We just finished up planting 300+ peony roots here at the farm on January 1 and will finish up the anemone and ranunculus within the week. If you’re interested in planting some of our favorites at your home, keep an eye out for our first-ever root & corm sale coming up soon!


Although we’re a few months away, keep your eyes open for little signs of spring. Hellebore blooms are unfurling below the foliage, crocus and snowdrops are pushing through the soil and before long we’ll see the green shoots of daffodils. Take note of those signs but don’t forget to slow down and enjoy this season of rest before the busy spring planting season!

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