Tulips at Home

Tulip season has arrived! While they're not blooming here quite yet, we' have access to some gorgeous blooms grown here in the USA as well as abroad. 

I find that tulips are an easy entry point to cut flowers. They're easy to find in most flower shops, markets and stores, and they make a gorgeous arrangement on their own. If you find floral arranging intimidating, try starting with tulips! 

bucket of tulips

Here are a few of my tips to display tulips at home: 

1. Choose a bundle with blooms that are still closed. This will give you the longest vase life in your home and you’ll enjoy watching them open.

2. Choose a vase that compliments the natural bend of the tulip stem. Look for a vase with a wide mouth that stands 6-10”. A few of my favorite tulip vessels: the Zara Vase, the small Serena Vase and the Jaxon Vase. 

tulips at home in Zara vase

3. Cut the stems at an angle before arranging to make sure the flowers are able to take in water. Make sure your snips are sharpened and cleaned! I use these and sharpen them every few weeks. 

4. Be sure the vase is full of fresh, clean water. Tulips get slimy quick so change the water and give the vase a rinse every 2-3 days. To clean your vase, I recommend filling the vase with water and adding a splash of bleach or oxi clean. Let soak for an hour or so, rinse and it's ready to use!

5. For a pretty, natural shape create a spiral with the stems as you place them in the vase. Check out this post to watch as I arrange a simple bundle of tulips.

Enjoy! Tulips, with their bright green foliage, lend such a fresh, clean feel to the home making them perfect for these dreary winter months. 🌷

If you're local, watch our weekly fresh flower selection for a wide variety of our favorite tulips! 

peach frilled tulips

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