Paperwhite Bulbs


Bag of 5 Paperwhite "Nazareth" bulbs, ready to force indoors. This variety has a light scent and blooms in 3-4 weeks. Bulbs can be potted in soil or forced in river stones with water.

Gift the bulbs to a garden enthusiast or fill your own home with the delicate white blooms throughout the winter months. Start one pot every 2-3 weeks for a continuous show of blooms until spring.

These bulbs are also a great DIY project for teacher gifts. Let children paint or decorate a simple pot and then ask for their help potting the bulbs for their teacher.

Bulbs should be kept in a cool, dark space until ready to start. Basements or closets are perfect; do not let them freeze!

*Bag includes 5 premium bulbs, size 15/16.

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