Farmer Florist Starter Kit


As a flower farmer and florist, there are tools that I reach for over and over again. These are the items I turn to all the time, from planting our field to harvesting flowers to creating our signature farm-fresh bouquets. Whether you're growing a garden of cut flowers for friends and family or embarking on your journey as a farmer florist, I'm sure you'll find these essentials as useful as I do! 

Included in the box: 

Hori Hori - Move from digging to planting to harvesting seamlessly with the Hori Hori. Equipped with a heat-tempered, hollow-back blade, full stainless steel tang, twine cutter, and comfortable walnut handle, it is the ultimate gardening tool and a favorite in our fields. 

Floral Snips - Lightweight and durable, these grip-friendly snips combine a high carbon steel blade with a needle-nose tip for easy pruning, harvesting and floral design.

Rubber Bands & Floral Twine - My tried and true bands hold up to large bunches of heavy stems and ensure that my bouquets are secured. For a whimsical, hand-tied bouquet I opt for floral twine. 

Butcher Paper - Our farm-fresh bouquets are not complete until they're wrapped in our signature brown butcher paper and stamped with our farm logo. Tear 18" sheets and triangle fold to create a perfect wrap. 

Hobnail Jar - A customer favorite, the glass hobnail jar is the one I turn to for creating farm-fresh arrangements. 

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